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‘Tis the Season of Good Travels with Ripple Effect Journeys

Bea Evans, Ripple Effect Journeys founder, received her Good Travels Advisor certification on November 23, 2016. 

The Good Travels Advisors (GTA) program from Tourism Cares is a training program and learning community of travel agents committed to promoting good giving and good volunteering among travelers. Effective giving and travel fulfills the good intentions of travelers, boosts trip satisfaction and connections, and increases the benefit to local communities.

We invite you to join the Ripple Effect Journeys community.  Subscribe to our blog or join in on Facebook.  Travel with like-minded women.  Experience the wonder of new places.   “See” a destination beyond the sights.  Learn about issues impacting women and girls in countries you visit.  Explore the meaning of learning service.  Discover how you can make a difference by supporting someone’s journey.   It’s fun, it’s memorable, it’s “good travels”.

Good Travels Advisor
‘Tis the Season for Good Travels!

Inspiration and tips for an especially meaningful holiday.

As a certified Good Travels Advisor, I am delighted to share a particular magic of the season – the smiles, joy and caring that comes with giving to others.

The job of a Good Travels Advisor goes beyond superb travel advice and service – we are also guides to meaningful experiences and giving in the communities we hold dear, near and far.

Here are 6 special ways to celebrate the giving spirit this year!

1. Looking for beautiful gifts that also make a difference? Here’s a very special list of 7 items that also directly help a cause, whether its breast cancer, Cambodian girls, anti-trafficking, endangered species conservation, and more – choose one gift and cause, or all!

2. Discover the surprising way you can actually buy happiness, along with other TED Talk inspiration. Watch Michael Norton on How to Buy Happiness; spoiler alert — the key is not to buy for yourself but to give to others, with great stories and data to prove it! Also check out Bill and Melinda Gates and their reflections on wealth and giving, starting off with an anecdote about their very first trip to Africa.

3. Find your favorite quote on giving while sipping some egg nog, scotch or tea. Peruse this list of philanthropic quotes from the National Philanthropic Trust, which includes James Baldwin: “We are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves, if only because we are the only sentient force which can change it.”

4. Give yourself and give for others. Here’s a list of 12 surprising charitable giving options that will likely tickle anyone’s curiosity and inspire you to explore and act, in addition to what you may give to your favorite organizations and in your hometown community. There’s also a shorter list for engaging your kids!

5. Use the new year to revisit your giving overall, along with your resolutions. Your guides include “How to be smart about charitable giving over the holidays” and tips from Guidestar, the national nonprofit database.

6. Think about giving back to a destination you care about, or a place following a disaster. What are your favorite places far from home, domestic or overseas? Think about the special experiences you’ve had in the last year or two and where you think you can make a difference, even with a small charitable donation. Think back to the nonprofits, museums and community organizations you encountered – or look up the local “community foundation,” a hub for local giving. It’s a great way to connect as a family and get back in touch with places you love. Alternatively, think of a place that was hit by a disaster this year; look into the latest and make a gift to the first one that comes to mind.

Good Travels Advisors make a differenceGood Travels Advisor Partners

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Questions On The Path to Meaningful Travel

A wake-up call around 4 a.m. began our day. Within 30 minutes, we were on the bus. Despite the yawns, excitement charged the air. Time was of the essence. We were on track to arrive at our destination before dawn. Once there, though, we still needed to locate the perfect place to watch the sunrise. After all, we weren’t the only ones wanting to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Being able to do so was an anticipated highlight of our trip to Cambodia.
Meaningful Travel in Cambodia

Adding a Dimension of Meaning to Travel

Eating delicious Cambodian food also ranked high on the list! A search for locally popular Phnom Penh restaurants led us to Friends The Restaurant. Run by former street youth and their teachers, this Tree Alliance restaurant provides training and the promise of a career for youth who previously saw no future.

Friends the Restaurant has become a destination for travelers looking to enjoy amazing Cambodian dishes. And they do so while supporting a meaningful cause. What a dynamic combination!!!

Eating at Friends the Restaurant is a meaningful travel experience.

Friends International demonstrates what is possible when addressing needs through social enterprise. The businesses they have created through training facilities provide services enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

What Does Meaningful Travel Mean to You?

Reflections such as these inspired Ripple Effect Journeys and prompted questions like:

  • How can we create travel programs that move beyond the sights to stories about experiences shared with the people who live there?
  • Is it possible for those experiences to be mutually beneficial to travelers as well as communities of people in the country being visited?
  • If so, what does that look like? How does performing service differ from learning service?

I invite you to join us on a journey that explores questions like these.

I’d also like to learn from you.

  • How would you describe meaningful travel experiences?
  • Does the thought of “giving back” while traveling appeal to you?
  • If so, what types of experiences would enable you to give back?
  • Have you ever participated in a service trip? Tell us about about your experience.

I look forward to exploring the world of meaningful travel with you.

Meaningful Travel Experiences

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