Go Beyond the Sights to Travel With Impact

Join other globally minded women, interested in meaningful and fun travel experiences that have the power to make a difference. Invite a friend or make new friends along the way. Together as a community of women travel beyond the sights as Ripple Effect Journeys introduces you to people (primarily women and girls) striving to improve their lives.  Learn about the organizations empowering them to do so. Understand the challenges they face and champion the possibilities. The desire to be a partner for change may accompany you home.

That’s Ripple Effect Journeys – Travel with Impact!

Women Ripple Effect Journeys

Ripple Effect Journeys are designed for women who want their travels to make a difference. Unlike service trips that are about doing, travelers with Ripple Effect Journeys serve people in the amazing places they visit by:

*  Listening to the hopes and dreams of the people they meet.
*  Learning about the challenges people face when striving to improve their lives.
*  Becoming a change-maker through understanding, partnership and empowerment.
*  Promoting sustainable change in communities through tourism.

Journeys that Serve

Imagine travel enriched by meaningful connections formed through listening, learning, understanding, encouraging and supporting global communities and their efforts.  We did just that and created Ripple Effect Journeys.

Do YOU yearn to immerse yourself in another culture?
Imagine spending a day at a weaver’s cooperative or experiencing daily life in a
local community.

Are YOU passionate about empowering global communities striving to improve their lives?
Imagine yourself listening to their stories, hopes and dreams.

Does standing alongside someone seeking to improve their life inspire YOU?
Imagine yourself partnering with local grassroots organizations doing just that.

Do YOU appreciate a sense of sisterhood?
Imagine yourself traveling with a small group of globally minded women.

Are YOU seeking meaningful travel experiences?
Imagine yourself sharing stories not only about the places you’ve seen but also about the people you’ve met.

Plans are underway for Ripple Effect Journeys – Peru 2018.  Email bea@thetiesprogram.org to learn more or subscribe to the Ripple Effect Journeys blog.  Together we can experience the world while making a difference!

Ripple Effect Journeys Infographic - Women Traveling With Impact

Ripple Effect Journeys – Women Traveling With Impact