About Us

For over 20 years, Bea Evans and Becca Piper, co-directors of The Ties Program, along with a dedicated team, have collaborated to create special interest international group travel programs.  From the very beginning, The Ties Program focused on listening to why people wanted to travel.   As a result, they have provided meaningful travel experiences meeting the unique needs of those they serve.

The Ties Program is thrilled to launch Ripple Effect Journeys, a  tour experience for globally minded women interested in traveling with impact.  Do you want to see the sights you’ve longed to see, but wish to explore the world more deeply?  Are you interested in learning how to support efforts that empower women and improve the lives of children? Does the idea of experiencing another part of the world while making a difference appeal to you?  Then Ripple Effect Journeys is for you!

The Ties Program created its signature travel program, Adoptive Family Travel, 22 years ago.  A heritage travel program for international adoptees and their families, Adoptive Family Travel offers programs to 18 countries.  Over 1800 families from all over the United States, Canada, and even Europe have traveled with Adoptive Family Travel since its inception.  Each of the adoptees traveling with those 1800 families has a unique connection to their country of birth.  Adoptive Family Travel customizes a portion of each family’s itinerary enabling them to experience those connections.

Five years ago, The Ties Program introduced Journeys of Discovery.   Created for families, along with their relatives and friends, Journeys of Discovery offers tours to Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay, Vietnam and Cambodia.  Some of the itineraries focus on a country’s culture while others are service orientated.

Traveling with adoptive families, Bea and Becca have witnessed the challenges women face globally.  Often these issues impact a woman’s decision to place their child for adoption. Poverty, limited education, lack of reproductive rights, poor health care, gender inequality and domestic violence are just some of the issues women face.  Impacted by those issues and recognizing how travel nurtures change, The Ties Program is pleased to open Ripple Effect Journeys.