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What’s On Your Wish List?

Give a Gift With Impact

A text from my brother, got me thinking. The adults in my family exchange names for Christmas. He heard I had his name and wanted to confirm that with me.

I replied “yes” and asked if he had a wish list.

He responded, “I would like to donate to one of your causes.”

Now there’s a Gift with Impact.

Ripple Effect Journeys Visits Peruvian Hearts In March

This prompted me to go back to an email I received from Danny Dodson, executive director of Peruvian Hearts.  Ripple Effect Journeys’ participants will visit Peruvian Hearts in March.  We will spend several days with girls, learning how Peruvian Hearts impacts their lives and that of their families.

Hmmmm.   That got me thinking about my brother’s request.

The Cost of Empowering and Mentoring Girls

I had asked Danny to tell me about the costs of supporting a girl in the program. Here’s some of what he shared.


Give a Gift With Impact – Empower a Girl To Change Her World

So this year,  I’m not going to visit Amazon or head to the nearest sporting goods store to purchase my brother’s Christmas gift.   Instead, I’m going to present Peruvian Hearts a donation in his honor while traveling with Ripple Effect Journeys – Peru  in March.

Is there someone in your life who would appreciate a Gift with Impact? 

If so, I’d be happy to handle the delivery.  Send me a note ( and we can coordinate the details.

Happy Holidays!


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